Raliegh A. Jones, Sr. Back to School Bash

The Raliegh A. Jones, Sr. Back to School Bash

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Since 2001 the Greenhill Human Development Corporation has sponsored the Raliegh A. Jones, Sr. Back to School Bash. The Bash is funded solely by churches, businesses, agencies and individuals each year. The Bash was a vision of  it's CEO namesake who wanted to make sure that all children went back to school with a positive outlook, and to this day we have provided between 2,000 to 3,000 bags of school supplies to school-age children each year. We have also provided donated prizes such as bicycles, MP3 players, tape recorders, laptops and other incentives to encourage the young people.

Along with the school supplies, those who attend have been exposed to a cultural variety of songs, dances, skits, and music provided by different venues within the city, including Hispanic, Korean and Panamanian dance troupes. Hundreds of volunteers come each year from Churches, sororities, fraternities, realty companies, Armed Forces, etc. City and school officials provide school locations free of charge for the event each year in August.

In addition, our present CEO added the component of giving away clothes and toiletries to all school aged youth during the Bash as a type of one stop shop to ensure that all children have what is needed to begin school with a positive outlook. Additional school supplies are distributed to low income and alternative schools to assist the teacher with needed tools for students. We partner with our local school system to assist in enrollment for Parents in Power School, an online program parents can use to access their children's progress reports inclusive of grades and other communication from their teachers.

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