Shalom Family Life Outreach Center

The mission of the Shalom Outreach Program is to address the urgent needs of residents in New Providence who are experiencing an acute crisis. This Community Service Program acts as both a resource and a gateway to help enhance individual functioning, family stability and community building in New Providence.  A new edifice is being planned to house as many community related programs as necessary to accomplish all of the planned activities above.  It is our hope that  SAFLOC will become a community entity that will assist the New Providence and Clarksville areas in making a better life for its families.

Programs currently being provided under our Child Development and Job Readiness Services are:

The Shalom Youth Empowerment Program

The Greenhill Human Development Corporation formed a youth program to provide tutoring, character building, conflict resolution, time management, financial literacy and various learning and fun activities for the community's youth-as an after school program. This program will be based in the New Providence to help enhance youth educational, physical, mental, emotional development to youth all over the city of Clarksville.

Financial Literacy Program

At every age we see the need for financial literacy--from the young child to the teen making consumer purchases, to the high school graduate trying to finance college, to the newlyweds hoping to purchase a home, to the mature adult looking forward to retirement hoping they have planned well enough. From birth to death our lives revolve around being financially literate. Financial habits need to be developed at a young age so we must reach our youth beginning in elementary school. This program will reach elementary, middle school, and high school participants establishing excellent financial habits that will last a lifetime.  Participants will be taught to develop portfolio compilations and to understand their importance. Participants will be taken on field trips to banks to help them understand the banking process and how banks are run so that they can apply what they learn from the modules to everyday life.

Ten primary services have been identified as needs for the Shalom Area Family Life Outreach Center and are being developed in direct response to the needs of the community:

  1. Clothing Closet  

  2. Food Pantry

  3. Advocacy Clinic

  4. EITC Tax Filing

  5. One  Stop

  6. Child Development Services 

  7. Job Readiness 

  8. Health Awareness 

  9. Culture/Arts Center

  10. Sports/Physical Health

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