Who We Are

The comprehensive vision of this ministry as revealed by God is that we are:

A ministry WITHOUT WALLS, a common thread of unity among all believers within this local ministry, within the community, across racial and economic barriers.


A Bible based ministry where God's Word is PREACHED, TAUGHT and MANDATED to every leader and disciple of this ministry.

A ministry of EXCELLENCE, where everything done for the glory of God should be done in excellence.

A ministry called to BIRTH MISSION CHURCHES, and is directly and/or indirectly responsible for sending out missionaries and church workers all over the world.

A ministry where all SPIRITUAL GIFTS are exercised.

A ministry where PRAISE AND WORSHIP are sincere, unhindered, and God-given.

A House of PRAYER.

A ministry where God-called LEADERS are trained.

A ministry where the cohesiveness of the FAMILY is a priority.

Contact Information:

Greenhill Church & Christian Outreach Ministries
311 Walker Street,  Clarksville, TN   37042
Phone: 931.648.2324     Fax: 931. 906.0505
Email: greenhill1865@gmail.com

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